This coffee table tribute to the venerable PONG is perhaps very expensive, but it is also very class

It is a thousand dollars that will have to disburse to acquire this low table tribute to the PONG of Atari. But at that price, its creators did not mock their potential future buyers.

Sounds, lights, clock, USB ports, loudspeakers and bluetooth function to listen to music while playing (or drinking coffee), the features of this table are many. Not to mention its main, the possibility of playing a revisited version of one of the first arcade video games, Pong . The mechanical movement of the ball is governed by the magnetic force.

This is not exactly the version of yesteryear, their creators, but a version “retro-futuristic rebel,” according to their own terms. Nothing to say about the design on the other hand, the coffee table looks really nice, so we would be afraid to spill a cup of coffee. Two retractable flaps nevertheless cover the buttons used to move its brick located on either side of the table.

Limit success, but a success anyway

The project raised $ 262,000 from 250,000, three days after the end of the campaign. That’s right but enough to honor orders that are scheduled for delivery in December 2017. You can still become one of the lucky buyers of this coffee table by visiting the Kickstarter page of the project

Credits: Gerardo Orioli



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