Pirates, Dallas emergency sirens yelled for an hour

If you live in Boulogne-Billancourt, you have certainly heard the alarms of the municipality yelling for nearly two hours Friday night. A deafening sound due to a technical problem, according to the city, which has embarrassed the inhabitants. Funny thing, the same thing happened in Dallas, Texas. Nevertheless, the technical incident was not involved, as it is a piracy, according to city officials.

Dallas, your ruthless alarm

The thing happened on Friday night, local time. As the city of Texas slowly sank into sleep, the city’s 156 emergency sirens began to scream out loud for more than an hour. The 911 (American emergency number) quickly became saturated and the services of the municipality were beset with complaints and requests worries.

The next day, the head of the city’s public relations office, Sana Syed, said the incident was due to piracy. A piracy carried out from Dallas itself. For the moment, the city does not know the culprit, but investigations are under way.

During the incident, the technicians went to extinguish the sirens for the good of the inhabitants. But soon after their stop, the sirens have resumed. Employees in the city were therefore obliged to disconnect the system. This is the reason why the city favors the track of piracy.

Mike Rawlings, the mayor of Dallas, said the incident was proof that the city needed to drastically increase its computer security and that the police would do anything to apprehend the author of the piracy.

Course, little pirate, Walker is at your heels.



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