Apple launches a new campaign to steal users from Android

Like every great “War”, also that between Android and iOS has its deserters: they are so many, in fact, users that continue to move from the Google system to Apple and vice versa.

Besides the classic fanboy , the mobile world can count on a huge audience of people who do not intend to make the defense of an OS other than a real religious war and that, from time to time, pass from one platform to ‘other, so as to test the strengths of both.

Of course, Apple is interested in this large category of users, and in particular to the current Android smartphone owners who may consider changing the iPhone: them has its own section on the site of the Cupertino giant that in recent hours has been renewed in a major way.

Life is easier with iPhone ” is the welcome message, which is followed by a series of tips on how to switch from Android to the iPhone, including storage of all your data thanks to the application Move to iOS, available on the Play Store .

Apple also launched a new campaign to try to convince Android users to switch to the iPhone.

They will be so many to give confidence to the Cupertino juggernaut?



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