DJI neutered the unregistered multicopter

REUTERS/Charles Platiau

The aircraft manufacturer DJI is taking drastic steps to anticipate possible lawsuits and regulations. Only if you register your DJI aircraft online, the company informs its international customers, gives access to its full performance.

DJI will soon launch a new app activation process for international customers. This new measure, after its entry into force at the end of this week, will ensure that the right geospatial information and flight functions are used for the respective aircraft, as determined by the geographical location and user profile. All existing restrictions on flight safety, such as geofencing limits and altitude limits, remain the same.

Specifically, all DJI customers who own an aircraft with the current firmware must register themselves via the Internet via the DJI app. As long as this registration is not available, the live streaming of the camera does not work and the range of the aircraft is limited to a 50-meter radius and 30-meter airports.

The feature applies to all aircraft (except the A3 and N3) upgraded to the latest firmware version, and affects all future versions of DJI GO and the GO-4 apps.

The obligation to register is an intensification of the GEO system, with the DJI flight prohibition zones, to which the aircraft must hold qua software bars. Only on request such prohibition zones can be temporarily abolished (in Germany this is not even online).

The GEO system defines four types of zones: war zones (there is only one warning), extended war zones (simple activation required), authorization zones (elaborate release required), restricted zones (complete flight ban).

But with such a measure, DJI can also prevent, for example, in militia militias such as the so-called IS DJI copter for the clearing-up or bomb dropping.



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