Hurts: Nokia 3310 clipped


Sometimes manufacturers of telephone clones are difficult to understand. The fact that many are trying to copy an iPhone or Mi mix, has recently been strangely more interesting and high-quality smartphones led. But a Nokia 3310? Is it really so iconic that you have to make a copy of it?

Yes, the Indian manufacturer Darago thought and made a copy of a copy which is probably for about 10 euros in India to have and of course also exactly that is said. Only then is the really horror. Already the screen really hurts so much, that we do not want to look at all. The rest looks as if someone had simply imitated the thing and then resurrected it in a version that would not have been pretty 10 years ago, let alone functionally impressive. And why anyone is at all the trouble to use a 0.3 megapixel camera somewhere is also a mystery to us….



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