WannaCry infections on XP: Near zero

According to statistics from Kaspersky the risk of infection of a XP computer with WannaCry was about 0. The perception, however, was exactly the opposite. Somehow all had suspected – because anyway susceptible to everything and in retirement – that WannaCry as a real Windows XP worm would, now takes revenge on the users who simply can not part with them no more were supporting software.

Even Micosoft had provided a patch for the longest unsupported system. An extraordinary fact. Only now it turns out that almost all infected computers Windows 7 had the WannaCry worm on XP actually does not work and only a few older server systems were otherwise affected. The few infested XP systems should have been some who have been infected as a test of users themselves.

The bad news for the affected Windows 7 computer, it should have been given a patch in March, that specifically should the affected public institutions now be doubly embarrassed actually, because that need not have happened.



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