If it’s necessary: Fidget Spinner from Galaxy S8, Apple Watch and Co

The phenomenon is now well known from the Internet. When a trend starts, it becomes fast creative and permanent new boundaries are explored. A theme of the hour: Fidget Spinner. The children’s toy is experiencing its second (or ever-present) spring and so slowly does the thing really start to go (or to become stupid – depending on perspective). Can one build a Fidget Spinner from an expensive Samsung Galaxy S8? Is this also possible with an Apple Watch and a Nokia 3310? Questions about that are answered in this video. Please only in well-ventilated rooms imitate. The whole dust does not look so healthy. And once you tunneled your smartphone, you should not be surprised that it does not work as before.



Ivy is loves technology and has been addicted to it since childhood. Apart from tech, she loves watching sci-fi / historical documentaries and traveling to new places.

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