Look better with Amazon Echo Look

Amazon wants to intensively into the modem market into it and one of the inventions of the company this is Amazon Echo Look. A kind of camera with Alexa, which is aimed at fashionistas, fashion bloggers, instagram influencers and co. EchoLook is still not officially available (but can be pre-ordered). So that you know that Amazon is serious and that is not a satire, Amazon has now released the App Echo Look. For Android and iOS. All echo-look photos are collected and compiled. Outfits can be compared with each other and you can of course work on the right poses. You can see what EchoLook can do in the video below. The apps you can find behind the sources.



Ivy is loves technology and has been addicted to it since childhood. Apart from tech, she loves watching sci-fi / historical documentaries and traveling to new places.

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