From the 3D printer: Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Das Samsung Note 8 als früher Prototyp aus dem 3D-Drucker


In the Chinese social network Weibo makes a video the round, which should show a housing of the Note 8 manufactured in the 3D printer. With the presentation of the new Phablets is expected in autumn, perhaps already at the IFA in early September. If the chassis design is further pursued and implemented by the manufacturer, then it all points out that the note 8 is exactly the phone, which should have been the Galaxy 8 already.

It is interesting that the recess for the fingerprint sensor is missing on the back. For this, one clearly and for the first time with Samsung a dual camera. The thumb sensor would have to move to the front, but below the display is no space for this prototype – just like in the case of S8. Samsung is working on integrating this feature into the display itself. Apple should also work on the iPhone 8. No matter which company the implementation succeeds first: it would be a technical breakthrough.

The video has now been removed, which indicates that the prototype shown is not completely invented. But we only have to go through the screenshots.



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