Japan Airlines uses hololens to train pilots and technicians

The Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) is Microsoft’s largest event for business customers and partners. The four-day event in Toronto is not just about networking, business analysis, but also the presentation of various partners and cooperation with them.

In the case, the whole thing is about the cooperation with Japan Airlines. In the future, the airline from the East Asian island state will rely on HoloLens to train its pilots, or to train engineers and technicians. HoloLens will help to improve air traffic safety.

We believe that HoloLens is the most important criteria for airlines in the world

The previous training of the aircraft crews is almost exclusively by means of pictures, videos and printings of cockpit instruments – in the two-dimensional world, Hayamizu continued. Now HoloLens has created a whole new experience in which you can see the cockpit in 3D in front of your eye and act with all switches, levers and other instruments. This is intended to make complex operations easier to understand.

In the future, however, technicians and engineers will also be trained using HoloLens. The practical training was always dependent on the place and time, because only when an aircraft is available for maintenance in the hanger and there is also enough time for maintenance and training can practical training be carried out. HoloLens is also changing this, as the engine can be viewed through Augmented Reality glasses. The simulation allows the engine to be dismantled and dismantled into its individual parts in order to obtain a good overview of the function and the structure.

As the whole thing really looks like, you can see the following videos. The material comes from a press conference of Japan Airlines. The film qualities unfortunately leave something to be desired here, the use and benefit of HoloLens in the context of the employee training, however, in my opinion is clearly visible.



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