Samsung Gear S2: Software-Update bringt Gear S3-Features

Already in the last month with the Gear S3 the successor of the Samsung Gear S2 should come with us in the trade – now it is finally with some delay so far. It has not only been developed further technically, but can also have an improved operating system. Samsung has missed its Tizen-OS for the clock new functions and fortunately some of these features now also by value pack their way to the Gear S2 from the last year.

By press release Samsung lets us know that the update on Tizen version from today in the first important countries is rolled out, globally the update is to be available within the next weeks for each Gear S2 owner. These are quite good news, even if a little Kontraproduktivktiv: Perhaps the one or the other owner of the watch, that thanks to the new features may not need a new model. However, Samsung will always assume that smartwatches are not changed like smartphones every year.

What’s new after the update? First of all, you can download the new Gear S3 Watchfaces via the Galaxy Apps Store. The new SOS mode is also new, when you switch to the home button three times.

New apps like the Reminder application and the barometer are supported, you can also use the rotating ring on the Gear S2 to accept or reject calls, alarms or timers can be turned off at the bezel.

Also new on board: the possibility to personalize your messages by sending your own pictures, and you can convert handwritten letters to text.

S Health has been optimized and improved and offers you additional possibilities so that the tracker can now distinguish more activities than before. The update is rounded off by improved widget support and access to more than 100 games that you can gamble on the Gear S2.

All in all a very decent and extensive update, which is available to you with some luck today – otherwise it will be in the next weeks so far and at the latest you have a clock which thanks to new features 2017 is still really fun.



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