Lufthansa launches WiFi on its medium-haul flights, but would you be willing to pay 3 euros to have access to WhatsApp?

Lufthansa has just announced that it has been offering WiFi on its domestic and medium-haul flights in Europe, both on its own flights and on its other airlines, namely Austrian Airlines and Eurowings. Three connection offers are offered and the rates are rather high.

Widely available on long-haul flights, WiFi is gradually arriving on domestic or medium-haul flights, ie domestic or intra-continental flights. Lufthansa has just announced the launch of WiFi offers on these flights. For the moment, the company has equipped 19 Lufthansa Airbus A320s, 31 for Austrian Airlines and 29 for Eurowings, or 79 of its 617 aircraft according to FrAndroid. However, it is not yet clear what flights will benefit from these first connections to the Internet.

From 3 to 12 euros to have access to a more or less limited Internet

Lufthansa has communicated the prices of these connections to the Internet, which will go through a portal called FlyNet. On European medium-haul flights, three offers are offered to customers. Here they are :

• FlyNet Message: for 3 euros per flight it is only possible to send and to consult his emails and to communicate via WhatsApp (except voice messages), Hangout, iMessage, WeChat, Line or Snapchat.

• FLyNet Surf: for 7 euros per flight, it is possible to access its couriers and surf the Internet via its Internet browser.

• FlyNet Stream: for 12 euros per flight, in addition to the previous options, it is possible to “enjoy on board your favorite series or music via your playlist (Youtube, Netflix, Spotify, Deezer, Napster)”.

Payment can be made by credit card, but Lufthansa specifies however that it will be possible in future to pay via PayPal, or even to use its miles. However, the rates are rather high. When you know that a flight inside Europe rarely exceeds three hours, who would be willing to pay 3 euros just to access WhatsApp? After a quick survey to the editorial staff, no one. But in an emergency or as part of a professional trip, it’s always convenient to have these kinds of options.

Equipment requiring four days of ground maintenance to be installed

Other Lufthansa devices will soon be equipped with WiFi, but four days of maintenance on the ground to equip the planes, one understands that it takes time. Lufthansa explains that it has opted for the solution of the company Inmarsat to connect its planes, a satellite connection (to debits not communicated by the way). Each of the connected airplanes loads 200 kg more material and is equipped with 1500 meters of various cables to diffuse the signal WiFi.



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