Netatmo Healthy Home Coach: an environmental sensor for the home

To help you create a healthier living space, the Healthy Home Coach integrates four sensors to analyze your indoor environment and distill tailor-made advice for improvement.

Healthy Home Coach, the key to a healthy home?

Connected to your iOS or Android smartphone, one can measure the quality of air, moisture, temperature and noise in your home. It adapts to each user profile, babies, people with asthma or other family members, to provide customized advice.

“We spend 90% of our daily life inside. The air in our living spaces is three to eight times more polluted than outdoor air. This contributes to the development of allergies and diseases and, more broadly, to a deterioration of health. Nevertheless, it is difficult to measure and control what is unseen. Coach Healthy Home provides users the data letting them know if their indoor environment is healthy or not and shows them how to improve it, “said Fred Potter , president and founder of Netatmo.

The user receives a notification on his smartphone if one of the parameters exceeds the threshold recommended by the EPA (Agency for the Protection of the US Environment). It is also possible to check the internal conditions of his house with a push on the top of its Healthy Home Coach: color LED illuminates and informs you immediately. If blue is on, the environment is healthy, if it is green, it is nice and if the light is red, it is poor. Compatible with Apple HomeKit, you can also ask Siri.

Obviously, this elegant design and features have a price since you will take 99.99 euros to acquire.



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