Impact Winter test: How long do you survive in the snow?

Impact Winter in the test: How long you survive in the snow?

it Creates a group to survive 30 days in global winter? With a good warehouse management and courageous exploring this can be achieved Impact Winter in the PC game. Too bad that the struggle for survival is harder and the mouse-keyboard control in the test so horrible.

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  1. 1 survival bird’s
  2. Like dinosaurs in the global winter
  3. 2 Beautiful game world, messed control
  4. Conclusion

Survival from the air

The great zombie apocalypse is over, but survival has continued to boom – even in video games. In addition to classic first-person shooters, the issue has long since conquered other genres. At least since the acclaimed this war of mine (test) is clear: the struggle for survival also works as an adventure without first-person perspective.

In this squad Impact Winter also is counting. Originally started as (ultimately unsuccessful) Kickstarter project by indie developers Mojo Bones and published at the end of Bandai Namco, the title makes some bonds in older Genre representatives – and tries to score with a private setting.

Spoiler warning: Since a Games test without playing single major plot elements of the story is not always entirely possible, we ask all those who want to know anything about the plot of the game in advance, only to read the conclusion. However, we always try to select and display absolutely essential narrative elements.

Like dinosaurs in the global winter

In Impact Winter mankind has overtaken the fate of the dinosaurs. The Earth has been hit by an asteroid, millions have fled the subsequent global winter to the south. But not our hero, the taciturn Jacob: Together with a small group of survivors, he must spend in a snowy church.

Fortunately, the situation is not hopeless. A mysterious signal promises rescue in 30 days. So far, so good, but the group has to endure for so long. In the freezing cold and without food. Will this be done? If in the month, no one will be lost? And what exactly happens when the time is up?

The basic idea of ​​Impact Winter is not new, works as a motivating factor but still good. In particular, because the game transfers to us the responsibility Jacob and his four colleagues, we are happy to plunge into the search for useful items that can be crucial for the 30 days.

On the supply it depends

Most important, of course, Jacob. In plan view, we draw with the protagonist, who, strangely, no pants, but it’s wearing an oversized jacket, through the snowy expanses of a post-apocalyptic North American landscape. is accompanied Jacob called by a Ako-Light small robot that not only provides light but with skills such as ice drill and a sonar also helps aufzutun snowy inputs and objects.

But even without Akos skills Jacob initially found enough material. We are searching houses and vehicles and gather where there is only going to fuel, water and a meal. So that the basic needs of our colleagues have already been fulfilled. In the church arrived, we heat the great fire, and so do a regular important task: When it comes out after 24 hours of play, freezes our group namely. After that Jacob can put the items found in the camp and distribute food and water in a central inventory on the members of the group.

In this menu, the player receives a basic overview of the status of Jacobs colleagues. In addition to hunger and thirst, is also shown here as it is with the mood and motivation of the group members – and when they have to sleep in about. These values ​​are also affected by the rationing of food: If you want to keep alive a group member so that it can perform a task, it has coffee with him. Is another bad mood, one found vodka bottle can be helpful.

That whenever possible all Church residents are well-fed and happy, is essential in Impact winter. They are poorly provided or permanently de-motivated – as also because Jacob has turned in regularly emerging disputes too often against it – it can happen that they leave the church and try to get by on their own.

Help from colleagues

This is not only tragic because the players usually tried even by accommodate as all members. It also has an impact on the survival of the group, because each member has skills that make life easier in the church.

There is, for example, the professional cook who conjured from simple staple foods nutritious food, improving the supply situation. The robot expert help Jacob while on the other hand, enhance Ako. Use the craftsperson may be provided with the bearing, for example, a more efficient heating system, a water supply or with a door against looters. And Survival expert delivers Jacob everything that can be useful outside – about a tent and a system for marking with which he takes back to the church.

From this group skills in turn results in new requirements when searching for objects. Instead of the basic supply suddenly it also needs switches, screws, boards and many other things that are really only at second glance really useful. Of course, the place in Jacob’s inventory is limited, so we have to decide, we want to support projects that our supporters. It also follows how much we learn about them: Are we fulfilling their tasks, they tell their story piece by piece.

Looks like the fact that we can assign each member specific roles. These are unlocked during the game and always offer advantages and a disadvantage. Do we want to about that our craftswoman quickly establishes an important subject, we can assign it an advantage that they can work faster. However, this also increases the risk that it will get hurt. In this way, the roles are a small but crucial gameplay feature because they allow to customize the behavior of the group come back to the situation. In a moment in which, for example, water is scarce, so we can reduce the claim of the survivors in this regard – even if this is accompanied by a serious disadvantage. Thus, the properties are a good tool to operate micro-management for the group.



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