Star Citizen: 150 million US dollars collected, Alpha 3.0 in June

Star Citizen: 150 Millionen US-Dollar eingesammelt, Alpha 3.0 im Juni

The crowdfunding of Chris Roberts ambitious mega space simulation Star Citizen continues unabated. In the meantime, the project has reached the mark of US $ 150 million, moving in regions where even conventionally financed games in the Triple A segment are very rare.

Even this year, four and a half years after the start of the first swarm financing round on kickstarter, the players’ interest and willingness to pay are unbroken. Also in the year 2017, Roberts Space Industries could collect between one and two million US dollars per month.

On average, each supporter has provided an amount of around $ 83 and thus spent more than a triple-A game costs. The permanent sales campaigns, through which Roberts Space Industries combines the support of the project with the acquisition of in-game spaceships, contribute to this. Lastly, the Aegis Eclipse LTI, a camouflage bomber, was offered for this purpose for 250 to 275 US dollars.

Alpha 3.0 in sight

Even if individual parts of the game always retard, the next major stage of the game is now within sight. Already at the end of June, the developers are targeting the release of Alpha 3.0, which will allow Planetary Tech to land on planets for the first time. Transitions, loading times or restrictions will not occur.

First, players should be able to try the new system but only on the three moons of the Crusader system on the test servers. In the course of the year, the developers will be able to follow “most” landing areas for the Planet Stanton, contrary to the original plans.

The Alpha 3.0 will also bring other “fundamental systems”, which should open up considerably more gameplay options. These include more ways to interact with other users and items, the option to trade through the purchase and sale of goods, a mission system, and the Entity Owner Manager, who places players, spaceships, and objects persistently in the universe. Pilots, who park their vehicles in the universe, must in the future expect to find their underpost after the next log-in with bullet holes.

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