Moto Z2 Play: Less battery capacity than the predecessor

Moto Z2 Play: Weniger Akku-Kapazität als beim Vorgänger

The website of the Chinese regulatory authority TENAA indicates the specifications of the Moto Z2 Play. One entry speaks of a Motorola device called XT1710-08, which is the successor to Moto Z Play. Thus, the housing becomes slimmer, but also decreases the battery capacity.

5.5 Inches display in slimmer housing

Lenovo remains faithful to the display size of the predecessor. The OLED screen also has a diagonal of 5.5 inches. The resolution is 1,080 × 1,920 pixels (403 ppi).

The chassis of the Moto Z2 Play is noticeably slimmer with six millimeters compared to the previous model. The body thickness of the Moto Z Play is seven millimeters.

Less battery capacity

According to data sheet the storage capacity of the battery is significantly reduced. While the Moto Z Play, which has been available since September 2016, has 3.510 mAh, the successor’s value drops to 2,820 mAh, which also results in significantly shorter battery run-up times. The extremely long running times were a unique feature of the Moto Z Play test.

Whether the smaller battery is only due to the thinner housing, or other reasons play a role, is not known. To compensate for the runtime loss, Motorola could plan Modo extensions to extend the runtime.

12-megapixel camera and octa-core SoC

The main camera of the Z2 Play offers 12 megapixels (Moto Z Play: 16 megapixels) and protrudes a bit further from the back of the unit. There are no details yet. It could be the same camera model, which is already used in the Moto G5 Plus (12 MP, f / 1.7). A resolution of five megapixels is provided for the front camera.

The listed Octa core chip is probably the Snapdragon 626, which means a smaller upgrade to the 2016 model Snapdragon 625. In addition, the Moto Z2 Play 4 Gigabyte RAM and 64 gigabytes of memory.

Presentation at the beginning of June

Render images of the Moto Z2 Play already indicate the presentation date of the device. So the smartphone will be presented on June 8th.



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