O2 sets Message + Call App at the end of June

o2 provides a Message + Call app – Presented in August 2015 o2 Message + Call app is set 30 June 2017th Drillisch currently informs its customers by email about the approaching end.

o2 provides a Message + Call App

The o2 Message + Call app is set to all appearances 30 June 2017th As tells us a reader, an email of his mobile operator WinSIM who informed him of the approaching end reached him. It can be assumed that the setting not only WinSIM, but also the other Drillisch brands and o2 concerns itself.

“Since the service of the Message & Call app is set to 30/06/17, we announce you this,” it says in the email. “A use after 30/06/17 is no longer possible.” Reasons not called Drillisch, but will provide timely information about possible alternatives.

o2 Wi-Fi Calling anchored in the operating system

For some time now offers its customers the o2 call over WLAN directly through the operating system many smartphones. The use of separate message + Call app is no longer necessary to make phone calls over a Wi-Fi network. The call will instead automatically routed via the wireless network and as a regular mobile call billed. Customers using for example a language Flat to all networks, to pay additional fees for the Wi-Fi Calling.

O2 and Drillisch customers who use the Message + Call app should be prepared that this is no longer available after June 30, 2017. available.



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