IPhone 8 in Photo Comparison: Hardly bigger than iPhone 7s

iPhone 8 im Fotovergleich Bild Weibo und 9to5MaIPhone 8 Photo comparison – The anniversary iPhone from Apple, iPhone 8, is hardly to be bigger than the iPhone 7s. A photo comparison from the microblogging service Weibo shows metal imprints, which should prove this. In addition, the castings shown in the pictures give an impression on how big the iPhone 8 will.

IPhone 8 in photo comparison

The Apple Premium model iPhone 8 will hardly be bigger than comparatively the iPhone 7s. On the microblogging service Weibo are corresponding photos of metal imprints, which has discovered the website 9to5Mac.

On the pictures are probably found molds of the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8. All three models are expected to be the September keynote. The photos provide a first impression of how big the Apple Premium smartphones will fail.


Impressions well for protective covers

As relatively safe, the iPhone 7s models will not differ, or at least in size and design, from your predecessors iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. As can be seen, the iPhone 8, which is shown compared to the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, appears to be only slightly larger than the iPhone 7s. Presumably the pictured metal prints are templates for protective covers. The molds give an insight into the shape of the upcoming iPhone models.

Also details about the installed camera can be seen. Thus, the iPhone 7s will start without a dual camera, while the iPhone 7s Plus will get a dual camera with horizontally arranged two lenses. The iPhone 8, however, will probably. As has been assumed for a long time, have vertically arranged double lenses.

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