1&1 DSL Basic 50 from 9,99 Euro available

1&1 erhöht Surfgeschwindigkeit1&1 DSL Basic 50 – 1&1 now offers its customers the new VDSL tariff 1 & 1 DSL Basic 50, which can be booked from 9.99 Euro per month. It contains a data record with up to 50 Mbit / s.

1&1 DSL Basic 50

In the Onlineshop of 1 & 1, the new VDSL tariff 1&1 DSL Basic 50 is now available. This has a minimum contract term of 24 months and costs 24.99 euros per month. In the first 12 months of the term, he can be used for 9.99 euros.

The price includes an Internet flatt with up to 50 Mbit/s in the download. The maximum upload is 10 Mbps. The maximum data rates are given up to a monthly volume of 100GB, if exceeded, the speed for the remaining month is throttled. 1&1 explains:

If the monthly data transfer volume exceeds the limit of 100 GB, which is unusual for private individuals, the available maximum bandwidth for the remaining billing period (one month each) is reduced to 1,024 kbit/s.

1&1 DSL Basic 50 with 100 GB

A language is not included in the 1&1 DSL Basic 50. A conversation minute into the German fixed net beats with 2.9 cent to beech, a mobile radio minute costs 19.9 cent. The monthly package price includes a 1&1 DSL model free of charge. Those who want to use the 1 & 1 WLAN router, the 1&1 HomeServer-Speed or the 1&1 Business Server will pay for the devices 2,99 Euro, 4,99 Euro and 7,99 Euro extra each month.

Under www.1und.de, the 1 & 1 DSL Basic 50 is available immediately.



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