Galaxy Note 8: Dummy with fingerprint sensor integrated in the display

Galaxy Note 8 Dummy Rückseite YouTubeGalaxy Note 8 Dummy – With the Galaxy S8, Samsung wanted to present a smartphone, which is because of its equipment and hardware against the competition in the forefront. This is achieved with the almost borderless “Infinity” display. Criticism must be the manufacturer by the back-applied fingerprint sensor, the Galaxy Note 8 should be embedded directly under the display.

Galaxy Note 8: Better than Galaxy S8

Although Samsung had integrated the newest technology, hardware, extensive equipment and an almost borderless “Infinity” display with the current Galaxy S8 (Plus), however, there are some details that many buyers miss.

According to reports, it was originally planned to place the fingerprint sensor under the display. Also a dual camera was expected. Apparently Samsung has due to lack of time or for cost reasons these features can no longer implement. Both features are finally to be realized in the Galaxy Note 8.

Video interprets new features

The video “Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Dummy” was unfortunately deleted because of the copyright of Concept creator. The dummy shown in the video is however not functional. It was obvious, however, that the physical homebutton is missing. It could be concluded that the fingerprint is not integrated in the Homebutton. Because the rear panel also does not show a corresponding sensor, an integration of the sensor under the display is currently suspected.

The back of the dummy presents a dual camera with LED flash. Whether it fits flush in the housing, is not recognizable. On the frame are the Bixby button and the button buttons. Probably, the Galaxy Note 8, as well as the Galaxy S8, will consist of a housing made of metal and glass. Also the almost borderless “Infinity” display certainly used. The launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected at this year’s IFA in Berlin.
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