Facebook heads up a single system of notifications for itself, Messenger and Instagram

Facebook heads a unique notification system itself, Messenger and Instagram

Many of the functions before Facebook exclusive have been bringing the company’s properties platforms Menlo Park and vice versa. The such stories have been integrated before on Instagram and arrive on Messenger, WhatsApp and social networks. The goal of the web giant, which received a fine of 110 million euro for sharing data with the most popular chat in the world, is to create a shared experience among its services so as to increase the residence time and thus become more attractive to advertisers. Now it seems that Facebook is working on a new tool to make the handling of notifications and in fact unify its social platforms easier.

The Menlo Park developers are testing a new notification system that collects in one place the alerts Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger will be activated on any of the three mentioned services. This way the user will always be visible all the news regarding the matter which platform is using at that moment. The novelty will work very simply. By clicking the profile icon a pop up menu at the bottom of the app that will display the notifications of the three services simultaneously. Clicking the alert you will be directly connected to the reference platform. The new feature is currently being tested and if there is a feedback from the testers global release should happen soon.

It is unclear why Facebook has decided to exclude WhatsApp. Perhaps the social network believes the chat requires a greater immediacy than the other app and then the user would be inundated with notifications.



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