Noitel Mobile launches TRIPLETE offer with 600 minutes and 6 GB at 6.60 euros per month

It’s called  the Treble ‘s new offering Noitel Mobile , the virtual operator leaning to the TIM mobile network, designed for those looking for minutes and Internet traffic valid from now also in Europe. The offer can be activated by any person making portability to Noitel Mobile coming from another operator.

At a cost of EUR 6.60 every 30 days, with automatic renewal and billing on the remaining balance,  treble offers 600 minutes for all people (Advance shot 60 seconds) and 6 GB of Internet access (1MB sessions). In this offer is combined with the base fare ALL 10, with calls at 10 cents per minute with no connection fee (prepaid units of 30 seconds), SMS to 10 cents each and the Internet at a cost of 10 cents per MB ( with 100 kb sessions).

Anticipating the law on the European roaming free, the offer triple play can be used all over Europe without any surcharge, subject to the fair use as intended by the operator and by the regulations about to take effect.



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