Pokemon Go: Legendary coming this summer?

pokemon legendary birds

Pokemon Go continues to talk about itself: During the ceremony of the 21st Webby Awards, a kind of annual Oscar dedicated to the internet world, the title has been rewarded as the best mobile game for the success achieved in recent months.

Niantic marketing manager, Archit Bhargava, during the award ceremony issued a statement that sparked fans’ enthusiasm and gave way to possible speculations about the release of Pokemon Leggendaries inside the game, where they are not yet available.

“Next summer will be legendary”: Bhargava’s words seem to indicate big news coming this summer. Niantic, through its CEO John Hanke, has pointed out in recent months the desire to make the Pokemon Leggendari available during 2017 as an integral part of the title, without specifying a precise date.

Next summer, Pokemon Go will celebrate its first anniversary: ​​is it a chance to celebrate the birthday by bringing a new look so much to fans? There are only a few weeks waiting to find out; Meanwhile, all fans can crave their curiosity by engaging in the “Adventure Week”, which is going on right now these days.




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