No Free Mobile in Italy, Iliad will use another name

The Free Mobile brand will not arrive in Italy. This is what emerged from the event last Saturday during which Universo Free’s colleagues were able to exchange four chats with Xavier Niel, founder of the French company Iliad.

For reasons of brand registration in our country, the French mobile operator decided to opt for a different name, but Niel did not escape rumors. What is sure is that tariffs will be more transparent than those of current operators, with a thousand clauses and continuous refinements.

But when will Iliad, the fourth operator in Italy, come? Even in this case, Niel was not accurate, taking a margin of 60 days before or after, on December 30, 2017. This means that between November 2017 and February 2018 the Italian mobile phone market could radically change.

Wait anew for new Iliad offers or do you think that there is already the one that’s best suited to you today? The comments box is at your disposal.



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