Nest is working on a new 4K camcorder

Nest is the company name founded by Tony Fadell in 2010 and Google has bought for $ 3.2 billion. This brand comes with excellent tools such as thermostats and Wi-Fi security cameras.

Some rumors indicate that a new “4K” camcorder will probably be produced, which will not actually be recorded in 4K. Just so, this device could use 4K resolution only to handle some zoom tricks.

It may sound like a game of words but let’s explain it better. The sensor in the camera may actually be able to record in 4K, but the image it will show will have a resolution of 1080p.

By zooming in on a section with this definition you will be able to see much more detail than we could do by recording directly in 1080p. In practice, when this product detects movements, it automatically enlarges the image and it still has a definition of 1080p, so we can actually have a clear and definite view of what the camcorder resumes.

This product could be powered by a cable connected to a USB type-c port and a led light ring around the lens, which will indicate when it will work just like for a webcam.

It is believed that this new device will only be reserved for use in indoor environments and that the design will not vary much more than the current Nest Outdoor (unlike the price that will vary and will obviously be higher).



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