Maze Alpha with borderless display comes to Europe

Maze Alpha Quelle HerstellerMaze Alpha comes to Europe – Still smartphones with almost borderless display are hardly available here, apart from the current Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus). The Xiaomi Mi Mix was one of the pioneers with “full display”, but is only available through import. The Maze Alpha with nearly borderless screen is reportedly also lead here to start.

Maze Alpha is coming to Europe

On the official manufacturer side, the manufacturer had already announced the Maze Alpha with the Werbelogo “Specs alone are not enough”.

, While the Xiaomi Mi Mix is only available through the cumbersome import route, the Maze Alpha with “Full Vision Display” is also distributed in Europe, reports What the smartphone has to offer besides the “Full Vision Display” still has everything, the manufacturer itself reveals.


Full Vision Display: Maze Alpha

According to the pictures on the manufacturer’s side, the Maze Alpha is equipped with clearly narrower display edges, as for example the Samsung Galaxy S8 and not only at the top and at the bottom, but also at the side. As the website GizmoChina reports, the “Full Vision Display” measures a diagonal of 6 inches and achieves a full HD resolution. Despite the XXL display, the device is to be housed in a 5.5-inch case because the frames are only 1.8 mm thick. The 16: 9 display occupies about 83 percent of the front front.

The fingerprint sensor has the Maze Alpha on the front, the housing frame itself is made of aluminum. On the back is a dual camera. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not reveal anything about the processor used. It is called a 4 gigabytes of memory and 64 gigabytes of flash memory. A special Limited Edition version is to be equipped with 6 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of internal memory. Maze Mobile does not mention a price or a date of sale, especially for Europe. In the home country of the manufacturer, the smartphone will start in June.

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