Social Media: Facebook tests app-spanning notifications

Social Media: Facebook testet App-√ľbergreifende Benachrichtigungen

Facebook tests a feature that lets users who use multiple Facebook apps view notifications in other Facebook applications. This means that, for example, a user of Instagram and Facebook Messenger can see notifications from these two apps in the Facebook app.

Facebook has confirmed the test of the feature against TechCrunch, but stressed that it was a very small group of users who would see the function. You can see what users are helping to easily switch between Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, according to Facebook. What is missing in the list? Whatsapp. A statement as to whether and when the popular messenger also becomes part of the function, there is not.
The app-encompassing notifications appear, at least in the iPhone version of the Facebook app, as an iOS typical red dot on the user’s profile. It shows how many unread user notifications in all other apps. If the user clicks on his profile image, a pop-up will pop up showing the apps and the number of notifications. From here, the user can go directly to the app.



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