In the US, food can be ordered directly from Facebook

Just Eat? No, Facebook. TechCrunch reports that this new feature, available today only for some American users, allows you to order online food while remaining within the Facebook app.

Just connect to the page of restaurants that will adhere to this news item and tap on “Order food” or click on the hamburger icon in the sidebar of the webpage; This will show you a list of restaurants in the area where we are offering home delivery service and clicking one of them will be redirected to the dedicated Facebook page.

According to TechCrunch’s words, this service is implemented by the present and Slice activities; In practice it is only a further improvement of a service that was already present in America.

The most famous social network in the world therefore aims to reach a wide range of services to offer to its users. We will happily wait for this new feature to land from us as well.



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