IPhone 8: 3D touch and OLED display let prices rise significantly

iPhone 8 Bild Behance GaborIPhone 8 Pricing Apps iPhone 8 should be something special, but not only in terms of equipment and design, but apparently also in the price. The 3D touch in the OLED display reportedly leads to a clear price increase.

IPhone 8: OLED and 3D touch very expensive

According to rumors, an OLED display, which similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Xiaomi Mi Mix almost without upper and lower edge manages.

Digitimes reported some time ago that the production of an OLED screen with integrated 3D touch presents the supplier problems. Currently, Digitimes has learned from a report by Economic Daily News that the manufacturing costs for the 3D touch with an OLED display are about 50 percent higher compared to the LCD screen. Some suppliers are therefore to specify up to 150 percent compared to previous models with LCD screen.

Does the price for the iPhone 8 increase significantly?

The prices for the combination of 3D Touch and OLED screen from the companies TPK and General Interface Solution (GIS) is supposed to have nevertheless accepted the report nevertheless. This could, of course, be countered by the buyer and the iPhone 8 price clearly to the 1000 dollar limit. In Germany then a price for the premium model would be set far higher again.

According to Digitimes, Apple has to pay for the 3D touch module for the iPhone 7 seven to eight dollars. For iPhone 8 (iPhone X or iPhone Edition), however, a whopping 18 to 22 dollars will be charged. The price increase is mainly due to an additional glass coating, which is supposed to protect the OLED panel from possible damage. Whether Apple is putting on-screen buttons, like Samsung’s Galaxy S8, is not safe. If you believe the rumored kitchen, the iPhone 8 will have a dual camera.



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