With Android O, Google will put its emojis-potatoes in the trash and accelerate the integration of new emojis

The emotions of Google have two major problems. First, they are ugly. Secondly, they differ (or even do not exist) depending on the version of Android you are on. Google has announced that it wants to address both issues at the same time.

Unified emotions

Let’s say you are on an old version of Android and you receive a message from a contact being on the latest version. If it uses a recent emoji, you will only see a white square. This is what Google wants to avoid with Android O, the next version of its mobile OS whose release is scheduled for the summer.

Android O will then allow third-party developers and developers to include in their applications the latest versions of emojis approved by Unicode. Thus, in an application, it is not the emotions of the OS that will be transmitted from one smartphone to the other, but the emotions of the software used. The consequence of all this is size: concretely, from Android O, it will no longer be necessary to have to wait for an update of the phone to benefit from the latest emojis. Phew.

Farewell to the potatoes

Similarly, smartphone manufacturers will be able to integrate their own emojis, even if they are not present in the basic version of Android present on the phone, via their own interfaces. However, Android O will always offer basic emojis for terminals without overlay. Emojis which undergo an enormous youthful blow.

The Google emotions were awful. Some people may like, but Google has long been laughed at its emojis looking more like potatoes than faces. The firm of Moutain View has decided to review its copy by proposing smoother emotions, more in phase with those of other manufacturers.

Farewell the potatoes, since the emotions of Google become what they should always have been: yellow circles. Similarly, more complex emotions, such as the police officer, are more “neat” or “realistic”.

Of course, Android O will bring the new emojis approved by the Unicode, like the “mind blow” or the magician. Because yes, the magician missed your palette.



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