F1 2017: New edition returns old racing cars

F1 2017: Neuauflage bringt alte Rennboliden zurück

Also this year will be a Formula 1 racing game of Codemasters to appear. F1 2017 will enable journeys in current Formula 1 cars from the broader and faster year as well as in classics of past days.

Codemasters is still covered by E3 2017 with information on the innovations. Announced are improvements in career and multiplayer mode and a new championship mode. In addition, four additional variants of known routes can be taken under the wheels.


The return of old vehicles

As in F1 2013, a total of eleven racing cars of older ages can be driven, which are now also available in events during the career as well as other game modes. The game includes, among others, the Ferrari F2002, with which Michael Schumacher won the world championship in 2002, and the Williams FW14B, with the Nigel Mansel 1992 at the height of the development of automated chassis.

Pre-buyers will also have access to the McLaren MP4-4, which Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna duel in the 1988 World Championship and won 15 of 16 races. The car is also offered as a DLC with a time delay.

The show will feature F1 2017 on August 25 for Windows PCs on Steam, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.




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