Telegram updates with video messaging and pay via bot

Telegram is updated with video messages and payments via bots

Telegram yet again proves careful to differentiate his service from the competition by offering unpublished functions even on more established platforms such as Messenger or WhatsApp, whose data sharing with Facebook has caused many problems to the social network. The latest version of the app (4.0) for iOS and Android offers the ability to record video messages in a similar way to voice memos.

Record a video and send them in chat is very simple. The user just click on the microphone icon and switch to camera mode. The video message has a duration and scrolling up limit will be possible to continue recording without pressing a button. Telegram also offers the option to preview the contents. Once sent to the recipient can decide whether to download it, reproduce it in automatic or display mode in picture-in-picture inside the chat. The video message can also be sent to those who have not downloaded Telegram and will be available at his name.

The new version of the Made in Russia also offers the possibility of using bots to pay for goods and services. The platform is also compatible with Apple Pay, which recently debuted in Italy, and to start the transaction simply enter the data of the credit card and shipping information. Finally, Telegram has implemented its Instant View for faster viewing of previews pleased sent via the chat.



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