The European Parliament approves the law on the portability of streaming subscriptions

In view of a truly united Europe, the European Parliament has approved a new law that will allow all Union citizens to use paid online services even outside their home country. This is another barrier that currently prevented an Italian citizen from accessing the contents of his Netflix subscription or Amazon Prime Video if he was on vacation in France, Germany or any country in the European Union.

As with European mobile phone roaming, there are some limitations in this case as well. You will not be able to go abroad and subscribe to foreign versions of streaming services then use them in your country or change your residence while continuing to use a subscription subscribed to in another country.

Copyright licenses pose different limits to vision and not all content is equally accessible to European citizens. Service providers may, if they are in doubt about the proper use of the service, carry out checks by requesting information and documentation that may clarify the situation, obviously in compliance with the rules governing the processing of personal data.

Now the law will have to be approved by the Council of Ministers of the European Union and the member states will have nine months to approve the rules and to put them into effect. No Netflix or Spotify overseas this summer but it is likely that next year you will be able to take advantage of your subscription even on vacation.



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