Remember the cafe’s pub? It is two fingers to be a reality

Our smartphones know how to do more and more things, but not yet coffee. But considering the types of kickstarter we find today, it will not be long.

You may have heard your family or friends say “you do not know what to invent”. Well, it was true. It is in any case the impression that leaves us the case Mokase, a project straight from Naples, Italy.

The principle is simple (though): Mokase is a case for smartphone … that makes coffee!
Insert liquid capsules into the shell and install a dedicated application. It only remains to press a virtual button to see your coffee flow in less than a minute. A small folding coffee cup has also been developed.

The hull is equipped with a resistance which allows to heat the water, certified without danger. It is powered by its own rechargeable battery in USB. The whole is efficient enough to warm up to 25 ml of water in less than eight seconds.

For now, three flavors of coffee exist and the team of Mokase hopes to even develop capsules already sweetened. The Kickstarter page indicates that the Mokase currently costs 49 euros on order, even though the project is currently suspended. There are 44 days. The list of supported models is available below.

Far be it from me to advertise, but the CIC was right about it!



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