IPhone 8: Mockup shows possible jubilee smartphone

Alleged iPhone 8 image Boy Genius ReportiPhone Mockup 8 – As Apple his anniversary model, iPhone 8, actually designed, is likely still open to the presentation. Numerous rumors are based on an almost borderless screen, a missing fingerprint sensor and a glass back. A recent mockup to a visual match for the final iPhone 8 but almost.

iPhone 8: It could look like

Borderless display, no fingerprint sensor and a lack of visible fingerprint sensor by eliminating the physical or capacitive home button, these are the details for Apple iPhone 8, which is currently circulating.

Whether Apple uses on-screen buttons, such as Samsung Galaxy in the S8, is not safe. Boy Genius Report has published pictures of a dummy. They are said to show a final design version of the premium iPhone.

Glass and metal frame: iPhone 8

Laterally, the buttons for volume, lock and mute switch are visible on the mockup. Probably 2.5 D glass is used, which is surrounded by a metal or stainless steel frame. Rumor glass is used because Apple will integrate for the first time in an iPhone wireless charging technology for QI standard.

The suspected dual camera on the back, unlike the iPhone 7 Plus vertically arranged lenses. In previous images the camera sticking out slightly from the housing. A fingerprint sensor is not visible in the pictures. If it is the pictures not a fake, a pressure-sensitive sensor could be installed below the display. Unfortunately, so far there is no image of a prototype surfaced with the monitor to confirm that. The presentation of the iPhone 8 is expected in September. Tielbild: Boy Genius Report.



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