Lebara: 50% discount on packages and credit

Lebara 50 percent discount – Lebara is now offering a discount of 50 percent to all new customers, which will be charged on all packages and the Lebara Sim card including credit. The action applies to the initial order and can be used once.

Lebara with 50% discount

In the Lebara Onlineshop, all packages as well as the Lebara Simcard can be booked at half price, including credit. The promotion is valid from now on and is valid until August. It can be used by all new customers for an initial order.

The Starterset consisting of a Lebara Simkarte and the base tariff is available free of charge. Alternatively, prospective buyers can choose from the start a default credit of 5 euros, 10 euros, 20 euros, 30 euros and 50 euros and book together with the sim card. The 50 percent action also affects the credit balance and reduces the price of the chosen charge amount by half.

Lebara Sim card for cheap international calls

Lebara specializes in cheap foreign phone calls and is therefore particularly suitable for people with a migrant background, guest seasonal workers, foreign nurses and similar interest groups. Various tariffs are available for domestic and foreign use.

In the field of national packages, an Allnet Flat, an Allnet Flat with 1 GB volume and an Allnet Flat with 5 GB volume can be booked. The packages Flexi S, Flexi M, Flexi L, Flat L, Flat 1200, Flat XL, Flat INT, Flat Bulgaria, Flat Bulgaria XL and Lokum Allnet are available for international use. If you are looking for both, you can choose between the complete packages M, complete L, complete XXL, Flexi XL, Flexi XL3, Flexi XL5, Flexi XXL and Flexi 3XL5.

50% discount on packages and credit

The 50% discount is granted to all national, international and all-inclusive packages, and also applies to 500 MB, 1 GB, 3 GB, 5 GB and 10 GB internet packages. The advantage is calculated in the shopping cart by the coupon code 50Aktion417.




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