Samsung Galaxy S8: Some components are not the same according to the versions

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is doing well. So much so that Samsung would sometimes change a component to meet demand.

Samsung’s latest flagship is selling well and its production seems intensive. The Korean would sometimes be obliged to put hardware of previous generation. This is not a first in the industry since the boss of Huawei himself had stated that the choice of the components of phones could vary according to the production of the latter.

This was particularly the case with the Huawei P10, the storage memory of which could be of the eMMC type when the production of UFS memory (faster) was insufficient.
A bad habit ?

It would seem that it is the same with the Galaxy S8 and S8 +. By comparing their smartphones, users of the famous XDA-Developers forum found that some devices had memory in UFS 2.0 against UFS 2.1 on other phones. The difference is certainly less important than in Huawei, but the reading and writing rates are theoretically higher on the last generation.


The smartphones sold in Europe, and equipped with a SoC Exynos and Samsung UFS chips apparently would not be affected. Only models with Snapdragon 835 processors are affected.

On these, UFS memory is provided by Samsung or Toshiba. In any case, the differences should not be clearly discernible since the technology is not changed as on the Huawei P10. But it’s always good to know.




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