Two months after switching to unlimited 4G, some users of Free Mobile already exceed the To of data consumed per month

By the end of March, Free had hit a big blow by announcing that its Freebox subscribers with a Free Mobile mobile plan were no longer limited in their data consumption in 4G. Some Free Mobile customers already show on social networks that Free Mobile does not ceil the data at all since they have already been able to consume more than 1 TB of data.

If you’re the type (like me) to ask yourself if unlimited 4G really has an interest, be aware that some people find a lot of it. This is the case of Toshiroo ~, a customer of Free Mobile, which reveals on Twitter its consumption of data for the month of April. A data consumption of 1.58 TB, or 1,580 GB of data used.

Thanks @freemobile
Poke @vachegti @ Vanilu76 @ oggy_72 #freemobile

– Toshiroo ~ (@ ToshiroAich83) April 30, 2017

This same user has published a video to prove that his screenshot was not tampered with.

@ Valentindu38001 @WebNatou

– Toshiroo ~ (@ ToshiroAich83) May 9, 2017

Toshiroo ~ is not the only one to take advantage of the freebies of Free Mobile, other users display data consumption of several hundred GB during the last two months.

On my Package # dataillimité #freemobile on a month or I left on vacation! 😉

– Valentine. (@ Valentindu38001) May 9, 2017

From the 4G to landing a defective Internet connection?

What can these users do with all these data gigs? Toshiroo ~ explains on his Twitter account that he has recently lost a hard drive and is using his unlimited 4G connection to “re-fill” it, legally, of course. These users are likely to use their 4G connection as the primary access point to the Internet. As FrAndroid, who relayed the first these tweets, officially, “the general conditions of use of Free Mobile prohibit the use of hotspot 4G or box 4G fixed”. But in reality, this is really not the case.




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