It was inevitable: a youtubeur turned his iPhone into hand spinners

I will not tell you today what a hand spinner, you only have to walk 5 minutes in the street to see a turn in the hands of a child (or an adult). This is undeniably the subject trend (and inexpensive) this spring. So it is no real surprise that we already see happen on YouTube the first videos of handymen who have transformed their iPhone in hand spinners.

Take an iPhone (preferably 7). Mark precisely the center of both sides of the unit with a rule then you Grab a drill and make a hole the size of a ball bearing in the center. Bravo, like EverythingApplePro, you just turn your iPhone into hand spinner fortune.

The youtubeur, who obviously some phones to lose, performed the operation on four iPhone: iPhone 7, an OS iPhone, iPhone 5C and iPhone 4. According to his own experience is that the iPhone OS, logically thanks to the small size of the screen, is doing better as hand spinner.

Note that EverythingApplePro is not the first to have the idea. Last week, another youtubeur Dylan Kowalski had also realized iPhone-hand spinner with an iPhone 5. But with one major difference, Dylan Kowalski had used a broken iPhone while EverythingApplePro ensures that the iPhone used in his video functioned perfectly.

Is it completely useless and dangerous? Yes ? Is it as relaxing than a real hand spinner? Well, if your thing is to see the devices costing hundreds of euros to pierce, why not.



This person is lazy, nothing left!

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