Gmail: Finally finally – Google brings Smart Replies to the iPhone (and to Android)

At Google I/O, which is currently held in California, everything is very much focused on the topics related to Artificial Intellience and Machine Learning. No wonder – the topics are currently on everyone’s lips and who, if not Google, should feel called to push this topic forward?

Specifically, it is about SmartReply – a feature that we already know and which is so far used in the Messenger Allo and the service Inbox. This is a function that proposes to you by artificial intelligence in dialogues appropriate answers. The added value is clear: If someone shows you a photo of his new dog and “cute dog” is suggested as an answer, you only have to tap, then saves time.

Now Google goes a step further and offers these smart answers for both the Android version of Gmail and for iOS. The latter is especially exciting, because this makes Google’s artificial intelligence on the iPhone broad.

The way it works is the same as the one we already know of the platforms on which SmartRedate is already being used: You can respond to an email by selecting one of the three suggested response phrases. You can also edit it and it is almost unnecessary to mention that the suggestions – machine learning thanks – will improve with time and adapt to your typical response habits.

From now on the function within Gmail is available for both Android and iOS, but initially only in English. In a few weeks, Spanish will follow and, as a matter of fact, Google is gradually extending the fun to other languages. Beautiful function which will lead us to work our emails a little bit faster.



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