In Australia, McDonald&ns now recruits on Snapchat

In Australia, no more need to send a resume and cover letter stating your passion for nuggets to get a job at McDonald’s. Just go to Snapchat and the trick is played.


The VML Sydney agency, hired by McDonald’s in Australia (called Macca’s in the country) had an idea to target the young people: go and find them directly on Snapchat. So, if a young person wants to apply for Quarter Pounder to the chain, he only has to scan a code sent by the company and make a video of 10 seconds with a filter grimant as a crew member.

Then, the application returns the user to the recruitment site where he can post his video with a CV. Finally, Macca’s will look at all this to possibly propose a job interview.

Of course, Snapchat does not replace the usual hiring process. Nevertheless, the chain of fast food adds a new rope to its bow using Snapchat and thus seduce young students in search of a job to finance their studies.

As the premier platform for youth, Snapchat should be increasingly used for such operations in the future.



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