That’s it ! Man is able to & nbsp; & nbsp; & rdquo; Of the lemonade (but there is a trick)

Universities in Singapore and Keio (Japan) have joined forces to develop a device to share the taste of lemonade thousands of kilometers of distance. All this, with a smartphone.

When we think of teleportation, we think Star Trek, to Spaceballs , the Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons, or to Half-Life . Certainly not lemonade. You imagine the history books of the future? “In 2017, man pierces the secret of teleportation with lemon juice to cut the water” . This is far from the classroom.

Beam me up, Scotty

Fortunately for posterity of mankind, the recent technological prowess universities in Singapore and Keio in the laboratory CUTE has nothing to do with teleportation as we hear. This remains a pretty cool gadget.

Engineers have created the Virtual Lemonade, a device that can “teleport” (the term is not us) the taste of lemonade using his smartphone. A sensor connected via Bluetooth to your phone will analyze the properties of a lemonade, such as pH or color. After collecting data, you can transfer them via the Internet to a connected container of water.

This will fool your brain by altering water using electrical stimuli. The device can simulate the bitterness, acidity and sweet flavors / salty. While you drink water all there are more mundane, your brain will be persuaded to drink the same lemonade than analyzed. Especially as the color of the water change with an integrated LED in the base of the container.

And teleportation in? A simple term marketing to embellish the project (which was not needed, since it is still interesting), in the same vein of what was done to our famous “hoverboards”.



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