The last artistic performance of Shia LaBeouf is to stay (almost) all alone in a hut in Lapland

Shia LaBeouf has become a contemporary artist in her own right. In recent times, he has been performing, watching all his movies in a row, staying for 24 hours in an elevator or hosting an anti-Trump live that stopped prematurely. His new performance begins today and consists of staying isolated in a shack in the far end of Lapland. Well almost…

Alone Shia

Today, Shia LaBeouf settled in a hut in the far end of Finland, isolated from civilization. His goal is to stay there for a month, deprived of almost any means of communication. He is not the only one to take up this challenge, since the artists Nastja Rönkkö and Luke Turner also isolated themselves in huts (different from that of Shia). All three are therefore alone in the world, unable to communicate with the outside world.

In an art museum in Helsinki, the huts have been reproduced and visitors can enter there to communicate with the three artists. There is no question of seeing them or talking to them, the only means of communication being the text.

A textual conversation

Thus, our good Shia will still be able to exchange, via a keyboard, with the visitors of the museum, who will have the right to ask him any questions possible and imaginable. This is the only contact with the outside that Shia and his acolytes will have the right. Note that if visitors can chat with the hermits volunteers, the latter can not communicate with each other. Last point, Shia and her friends do not see what happens in the museum, they never know who they are talking to.

A performance that lasts a month and is called #ALONETOGETHER (which could be translated as “the only set”.) Its aim: To demonstrate that despite our extreme means of communication, it is easy to be alone in our modern world.

You, on the Internet, can see what is happening at the museum through a video stream that shows you the gallery. Or you can go to Helsinki. It seems that it is very beautiful at this time of year. If you wish to make a cuckoo to Shia, it is now or never.



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