Huawei’s general manager does not see the interest of wearing watches connected

While the Chinese brand has just deployed the second generation of its smartwatch, Huawei Watch 2, its general manager, Eric Xu, is not frankly convinced of the interest of such connected devices.

While some people immediately fell under the spell of connected watches, many see it as an unnecessary and uninteresting gadget. Eric Xu, Acting CEO of Huawei Technologies, is part of this second category.

No interest

At the Analyst Summit 2017, organized by Huawei on April 11 in Shenzhen, Eric Xu said he had “never understood why we need to wear watches connected when everything we need Can be found in our smartphones. ”

Asked about the future of these connected accessories, Eric Xu replied: “I am a man who wears watches. I’m not optimistic about this market. ” For the general manager, “connected watches or any other product need to bring an interesting profit to the acquirer, and should not be just a geek gadget.”

Forbes magazine reports that spotlight, while Huawei launched its Huawei Watch 2 in March. A smartwatch that was also chosen as the best connected accessory of the MWC 2017. It must be said that the beast can embark , In addition to a GPS and heart rate monitor, a SIM card to connect to the 4G.



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