It will not be possible for tourists to space to make poop in the New Shepard capsule of Blue Origin

Space tourism is expected to take off in the coming years. Space X is on the niche, as is Blue Origin, the company of Jeff Bezos (Amazon). Bezos has just given information on a detail of importance for future space travel: it will not be possible to go to the toilet during the flight.

Recently, Blue Origin unveiled its New Shepard capsule, supposed to take six tourists into space at a price of $ 100,000 minimum. A capsule to the confined space where rich tourists will be attached to seats before reaching space and weightlessness for four minutes.
It will be necessary to

At the Space Symposium conference in Colorado Spings, he talked about the details of the toilet. It is very simple, there will not be in New Shepard, for a question of place and logistics. So, if a passenger wants to vomit or needs to do the small or big commission, he will have to wait for the return to Earth.

Bezos said that each trip will last about 40 minutes and that tourists could hold back. He advises them to take their precaution before going to the bathroom or not eating a hearty breakfast.

A logical choice, but we still think that a backup solution would not be too much like a paper bag. It would not be surprising if a user, shaken by travel and weightlessness, returned his four hours, spoiling the experience of other tourists.




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