LucidAir, the fastest electric car in the world

It is far from the time when the electric was gray mine alongside the fossil energies. The American company Lucid Motors presented its first electric vehicle, capable of reaching a record speed of 350 kilometers per hour, at the motor show currently held in New York.

Flash speed

Named Lucid Air, this prototype could be the first car to achieve such performance, while the manufacturer Tesla knows until now no real competition in this market.

Lucid Motors, a US start-up, presented a stability test video where its Air model easily reached the record speed of 350 km / h thanks to the “Alpha Speed” option which allows the vehicle to unlock up to 1 000 horses. To achieve such results, the technical teams traveled to Ohio to test the East Liberty speed ring.

A launching edition is planned for the beginning of 2019 and only 255 copies will go on sale. It will cost $ 100,000, or about € 94,000, to get this very rare copy. Later in the year, a version with only “400 horsepower” will be deployed on the market for 60,000 dollars (56,000 euros).



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