The US Navy bans electronic cigarettes on its ships

It is far from the time of the sailor with his pipe nailed to the beak. Today, it is logically no longer possible to smoke aboard US Navy ships. The American Corps decided to go even further by banning the electronic cigarette from its boats.

Store your cigarettes, soldier!

A measure taken to prevent any unfortunate incident, such as explosions of batteries purchased at discount on the net. Incidents that have already occurred on ships (15 according to official sources), according to the US Navy. To take no risk, the army corps banishes this type of objects from its frigates and other destroyers.

These prohibitions also take effect on other vehicles, such as aircraft or submarines in the US military.

The sailors will be able to fly until May 14, after which they will have to refrain and find another way to decompress during the long months at sea. This ban applies not only to the military but also to all civilians present on the sea. ships.

The US Navy does not rule out going back on its decision in the future if legislation on e-cigarettes gets stronger, to avoid battery incidents. But for the moment, vapoter is forbidden, soldier!




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