MasterCard will soon offer its bank cards with fingerprint sensor

Our biometric fingerprints are increasingly replacing smartphone pins, but also doors and chests. And why not our payment cards?

The use of our fingerprints is becoming more and more democratic. Fast and secure, the latter may well find itself quickly on our payment cards. MasterCard is currently testing a model equipped with a biometric sensor that, combined with the integrated chip, could facilitate our transactions. No more need to type a four-digit code away from prying eyes, it will be enough just to put your finger to open to the wonderful world of consumption.

With two fingers to go out

The cards in question are currently being tested in South Africa and MasterCard would like to start releasing them at the end of 2017. Even if this is the case, you will have to wait until your bank accepts this type of payment.

Once the card is perfectly fine, banking institutions will signal to their customers that it is available. You will then have to go to your bank, where your fingers will be scanned. You can record up to two fingerprints, but only your fingers (for example, two inches). Indeed, you can not allow anyone else to pay with your card.

Once this is done, your card can be used in all terminals since merchants do not have to upgrade their TPE. On the other hand, it will not work with the tape machines, which asked to slide the card to the side. Fortunately, they are quite rare in the hexagon.


The card in question is as thin as the others and the sensor is located at the top right to remain accessible once the latter inserted. The Engadget site was able to test it and explains that the payment is done very quickly. As a general rule, the thumb is already placed on the card before putting it in the terminal, which speeds up the process. The only inconvenience is moving to the bank to get it. Although it is more secure, it does not propose a zero risk either because we know that the sensors remain relatively easy to deceive with a little talent.



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