The incredible scandal of a 400 dollar fruit juice machine that can be replaced by its own hands

Since the beginning of the week, a scandal has shaken the small world of start-ups on the American East Coast. The reason: the American newspaper Bloomberg has demonstrated, with video, that a juicer juicer sold for 400 dollars designed by the company Juicero could simply be replaced by both hands. In other words, the business model of this company is based on taking its customers for idiots.

For the last few months, the American company Juicero has been selling a machine capable of preparing fruit or vegetable juices in seconds, in order to save time for its customers concerned about their health and diet. This machine is a “high tech” press. Insert bags in the format of the owner containing vegetables or pre-cut fruit, close the hood and here comes out of this bag a (unique) delicious glass of juice. Bags, which are sold only to the owners of a juicer, at the rate of 5 to 8 dollars.

“A true technology prowess”

The machine in question, originally sold for 700 dollars and which saw its price drop last year to 400 dollars, is presented like a true prowess of technology. “It is able to apply between three and four tons of pressure – enough to lift two Tesla cars – to completely empty our pockets of kale, apples, spinach or other fresh fruits and vegetables into your glass” Last year the founder of the company, Doug Evans (via Le Figaro).

A machine that quickly attracted investors from Silicon Valley: Alphabet is part of its investors and Juicero has managed in recent months to raise no less than $ 120 million. For them, there is no doubt that Juicero is the new Nespresso: the company sells a machine that prepares delicious fruit juices and completely controls the production of its own bags. The economic model is both perfect and proven.

Two hands are better than a 400 dollar machine

Except that … this machine can very easily be replaced by two good old hands. In an eloquent video, the American Bloomberg website demonstrates that it is extremely simple to squeeze a glass of juice from a bag of fruit or vegetables that Juicero machine, using just his two hands.

The only notable differences are the amount of juice slightly inferior to the machine when pressing the bag with the hands and the fact that the bag must be opened with scissors and dirty a little more by extracting the food than by Placing it in the juicer. But then, what is the added value of this machine sold, let’s remember, $ 400?

What’s Inside a Produce Pack? from Chrissy Trampedach on Vimeo.

“Juicero is much more than a glass of fresh juice”

The answer, Juicero gave it in a blog post published on Medium. A note filled with bad faith and marketing promises. Jeff Dunn, CEO of the company, explains that “what Juicero brings is much more than a glass of fresh juice.” According to him, if this juicing machine exists, it is above all to save time, avoid getting dirty and finally allow the user not to use a bag whose expiration date is exceeded. “Squeezing our bags by hand is a mediocre, potentially messy experience that you will not want to repeat every day,” he concludes.

He recognizes, however, in this post that one can however squeeze the bags yourself without the aid of the machine. He even speaks of “hacking” to describe this clever method. Surely aware that his argument is hardly tenable, Jeff Dunn announces however that he is ready to repay during the next month the customers who would no longer want his machine. For over $ 400, I think you can buy an excellent robot with two months of fruit and vegetables to squeeze.



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