The MX-Phoenix is a robot that resembles a big spider

MX-Phoenix is the name given by its creator, Kåre Halvorsen, to its spider-like hexapod robot, which has been in development since last November.

Kåre Halvorsen, also known as Zenta, is a Norwegian robot engineer (you can see his various and varied works on his YouTube page). It was on his weekend and his spare time that he imagined this robotic spider. The beast has six legs (even if the spiders have eight) and hides 18 motors in its bowels (three in each leg) to move. MX-Phoenix is largely created thanks to 3D printing. It is remote controlled and can be used on all types of surfaces.

Do it yourself

Its creator notes that this robot could be used for search and rescue missions. For the time being, it is seen above all used to make bad jokes. Imagine seeing this trick frolicking in your garden at nightfall. Here.

This is not the first time to think about it, but nature is definitely a great source of inspiration for the creators of robots and drones, notably to take up some technical challenges (see the octopus robot or the drone bird )



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